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Featured Property

  • 15906 Aldersyde Drive
    Shaker Heights, OH
    4 beds | 4 baths
  • 3641 Winchell Road
    Shaker Heights, OH
    3 beds | 1 baths
  • 24319 Tryon Road
    Oakwood Village, OH
    3 beds | 1 baths
  • 33179 North Roundhead Dr.
    Solon, OH
    4 beds | 2 baths
  • 24710 Dianne Drive
    Beachwood, OH
    4 beds | 2 baths
  • 3471 Shannon Rd
    Cleveland Heights, OH
    3 beds | 1 baths
  • 7515 Mannheim Ct
    Hudson, OH
    5 beds | 4 baths
  • 1885 Dunellon Dr
    Lyndhurst, OH
    3 beds | 1 baths
  • 24125 Woodside Ln
    Beachwood, OH
    5 beds | 2 baths
  • 5018 Hartley Dr
    Cleveland, OH
    4 beds | 2 baths
  • 38604 Granite Dr
    Willoughby, OH
    3 beds | 2 baths
  • 1095 Lander Rd
    Mayfield Village, OH
    3 beds | 2 baths
The Team
It’s Like Having a REALTOR® with several Legs, several Arms, and the Brainpower of     several Sharp and Dedicated Business Professionals… A Strategic Advantage
Other REALTORS® Can’t Provide!

The Power of a Team Approach
Not long ago, a real estate transaction was a relatively simple process. A one or two page contract was very basic. Now, real estate transactions are becoming more and more complex, with hundreds of loopholes and last minute details that need to be attended to. Contracts are multi-paged labyrinths that will make the untrained professional’s head spin.
The Concept
A missed detail or step can derail your transaction. That’s why the Cleveland Property Group are pioneering a new trend in real estate: the multi-person real estate team. The concept is simple. You wouldn’t want the surgeon operating on you to have to monitor your anesthesia, find his own surgical tools, or regulate your breathing machine while he or she is performing a delicate maneuver.
Ramifications Are Real
While a real estate transaction is not as life threatening nor complex as surgery, there are very real ramifications to your financial well being that could negatively affect you for years to come if something were to go wrong. With Kim and the Cleveland Property Group on your side, you can be sure you're in good hands.
The Team
In business the words team and success are synonymous. That's why The Cleveland Property Group has assembled an elite team of its own to make sure that nothing falls through the cracks; that no detail is missed in your very important transaction. Each member has a specific specialty and that’s all they perform. They are highly trained in their respective field and you can be assured that your transaction will flow smoothly.

So relax! With Kim the, Kim Kapustik Consulting Real Estate Group, coordinating this extremely well trained team of specialists, you will be assured of a smooth and enjoyable transaction.